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Green Wire has been providing web and mobile consulting services since 2010. We work hand in hand with companies to plan, design, code, test, release, and provide support for web and mobile applications from conception to release and beyond.

Our Process

A successful product requires vision and a solid plan. We will help you hone and refine your vision. This vision will become the blueprint of the entire project.

A tight design and user experience is key to any successful application. This requires knowledge and understanding of the goals and vision of the application. We will help guide the final design by creating wireframes and visual prototypes. Our goal is to create a solid design vision to make your product shine.

Using our combined vision, mockups, and design; we will plan, iterate, and polish our way to a final product. We will work together to create a robust development plan. As we move forward we will review progress so we can get important feedback and iterate quickly.

Whatever your needs are, we will be there to help guide clients throughout the deployment process. Whether it's a deployment to the AppStore or onto a cloud hosting environment. We've got your back.


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